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Special Issue:
Computational Intelligence and its Applications

Chief Guest Editors:
Debnath Bhattacharyya, Ph.D.
Email :

Guest Editors:
N. Thirupathi Rao, Ph.D.
Email :

Editorial Secretary:
Ch. Swapnapriya and K. Amaravathi
Email : ,

  • Important Dates
    Deadline of submission: 15/08/17
    Notification of acceptance: 15/09/17
    Final paper submission: 15/10/17

Aims and Scope
In present technical world intelligent computing has been playing very significant highly visible and unique role in bringing a different kinds of technologies. Intelligent computing techniques are evolutionary computing, neural networks, GA and Fuzzy under the same roof with well-articulated intent to support analysis and design pursuits of intelligent systems. Intelligent computing being regarded both an algorithmic platform and a coherent methodological platform. This Special Issue will provide a premiere interdisciplinary platform for researchers, academicians and Ph.D. scholars to publish their research findings, most recent innovations, trends and concerns for practical challenges in the field of computer science.

List of Topics

The following topics include, but are not limited to, the following

The following topics include, but are not limited to,
Adaptive modeling
Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Control
Computational inverse problems and optimization
Computer simulations
Evolutionary and deterministic methods
High order nonlinear numerical methods
Interdisciplinary coupled and contact problems
Numerical algorithms for particle methods (lattice- Boltzmann, direct simulation Monte Carlo)
Use of Computation Intelligence in Cloud Computing and Big Data
Scalability and Performance issues
Security and Privacy
Information Retrieval
Information Processing
Data and Knowledge
Data mining
Computation Intelligence in Social Network Applications
Bio-Informatics and Bio-Inspired Computing in Image Processing
Fuzzy Set Theory
Decision rules
Multi-objective optimization methods
Limitations of the technologies of Soft Computing
Best development and analysis practices of Soft Computing
Analysis and validation schemes of intelligent systems
Machine Learning algorithms
ANN Based approaches

Originality Check

The submission of research articles must follow the strict guidelines of the journal formatting. The submission processes provided to the authors are given below:

a.      Authors are advised to submit their original and unpublished work (closely related to the theme of conference).

b.     The manuscript must clearly indicate the analysis of the technical problem, their new contribution(s), and the experimental results along with detailed discussions with respect to the state-of-the-art methodologies. It is to be noted that only empirical research papers are likely to be published in the journal special issue.

c.      The papers should be submitted through online only.

d.     All submissions should be in both pdf & word document in English.

e.      Each paper should not exceed 10 printed pages.

f.      If the paper has already been submitted to the conference, the research paper must be expanded and enhanced with sufficient new material, i.e. at least 40% new content and must be given a new title.

g.     Initially, the manuscripts submitted by the authors are checked for Plagiarism. Subsequently, if the report results are less than or equal to 20% it is deemed to be accepted for further review.

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