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2D Chaotic Map Based on 2D Adaptive Grey Wolf Algorithm for Ultra Sound Medical Image Security


Srinivas Koppu1*,Madhu Viswanatham V2


1School of Information Technology and Engineering,VIT University, Vellore, India
2School of Computing Science and Engineering,VIT University, Vellore, India


In this paper, we have proposed a chaos-based visual encryption method that can be applied to Ultra Sound Medical Images. We used adaptive Grey Wolf Optimization (GWO) to archive Ultra Sound Medical Image encryption. The robustness of the proposed image encryption are measured by various security attacks such as key sensitivity, histogram analysis, adjacent pixel autocorrelation, chi-square test, etc. Moreover, analytical outcomes are compared with the conventional algorithms like Genetic Algorithm (GA) and GWO. The experimental result shows that the proposed method is faster with low complexity.


Chaotic encryption, Chaotic decryption, 2DCM, GWO, Modified GWO.

Full Text:

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