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Reliable and Efficient Distribution of Multicast Session Key for Deduplicated Data in Cloud Computing


Parth Shah1*,Amit Ganatra1


1Charotar University of Science and Technology, Changa, India


Data deduplication is one of the fascinating features of any cloud computing storage service which is generally realized as Cross User Data Deduplication (CUDD). Although it provides optimization which is challenging to achieve due to security concerns. A User always concerns about privacy and confidentiality of the data from honest but curious insiders. Encryption introduces new challenge like key distribution among the group of clients who share the same file and also raises constraints of forward and backward secrecy of the data when any user upload or delete the data. Efficient and secure key distribution along with data integrity verification are the biggest challenges in CUDD. In this work, we have proposed the solution of efficient key management in CUDD along with the data integrity verification. We have provided the solution multicast key distribution using error correcting codes that maintain users' access rights, which is more efficient and reliable.


Data deduplication, Rekeying, MDS code, Data integrity, (K, Ѳ) uncheatability, Server unforgeability.

Full Text:

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