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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

(indexed by SCOPUS)

eJournal's ISSN: 2185-3118
published by Fukuoka of Japan

Volume 11, Issue 6, DEC 2018

(31 DECEMBER, 2018)

Contents & Papers



Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia stages using Hybrid Features Extraction with K-Nearest Neighbour classifier of ECG Signals
Vedavathi Gauribidanur Rangappa, Sahani Venkata Appala Varaprasad Prasad, Alok Agarwal



A New Design of a Microstrip Antenna with Modified Ground for RFID Applications
Ahmed Elhamraoui, Elhassane Abdelmounim, Jamal Zbitou, Hamid Bennis, Mohamed Latrach






A Novel Neural Network SC_MRAS Based Observer for High-Performance SPIM Drives
Ngoc Thuy Pham, Diep Phu Nguyen, Khuong Huu Nguyen, Nho Van Nguyen





Utility Enhancement of Deficient Relational Recordset Anonymization
Kishore Verma Samraj, Rajesh Appusamy, Ramya Ravi Shankar







ID Based Multicast Secret-Key Management Scheme (SKMS) in MANETs
Medi Sandhya Rani, Redamalla Rekha, Kota Venkata Naga Sunitha




Secured Speech Industrial Automation Based on Raspberry Pi and IoT
Bhagirathi Bai Vittal Rao, Hanume Gowda Chandrakanth


Dictionary Learning Features Based Cross Media Retrieval Using Minkowski Distance
Alugoju Sreelatha, Chagunta Venkata Guru Rao, Porika Sammulal








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