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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

Bi-monthly eJournal's ISSN: 2185-3118

Volume 10 Issue 5 OCT 2017

(31 OCTOBER, 2017)

Contents & Papers

Application of Neural Modeling and the SPI Index for the Prediction of Weather Drought in the Saïss Plain (Northern Morocco)
Abdelhamid El Ibrahimi, Abdennasser Baali

An Improved Quality Path Selection Approach for Border Gateway Protocol
Shipra Shukla, Mahesh Kumar

Core Reduct Based Preprocessing Approach to Incomplete Data
Pallab Kumar Dey, Sripati Mukhopadhyay

An Enhanced ABE based Secure Access Control Scheme for E-health Clouds
Padinjappurathu Gopalan Shynu, Kumaresan John Singh

Hybrid Collaborative Movie Recommender System Using Clustering and Bat Optimization
Vimala Vellaichamy, Vivekanandan Kalimuthu

Efficient Channel Estimation and Signal Detection Schemes for Multiple Input and Multiple Output System under WiMax Environment
KVN Kavitha, Kala Praveen Bagadi

Collaborative Recommendation System Using Dynamic Content based Filtering, Association Rule Mining and Opinion Mining
Anand Shanker Tewari, Asim Gopal Barman

Multiple Objective–Based Modified Exponential Gravitational Search Algorithm to VMM Strategy for Load Balancing in Cloud
Vijayakumar Polepally, Kaila Shahu Chatrapati

Virtual Machine Placement Using Hypercube Ant Colony Optimization Framework
Boominathan Perumal, Aramudhan Murugaiyan

Improved PTS Technique Based on Sub-Block Weighting Method of PAPR Reduction in OFDM Signals
Kampa Kanthi Kumar, Adimulam Yesu Babu, Battula Tirumala Krishna

Similar Object Detection and Tracking in H.264 Compressed Video Using Modified Local Self Similarity Descriptor and Particle Filtering
Srinivasan Kuppuswamy, Balamurugan Panchanathan

An Improved Fruit Fly Optimization Algorithm for QoS Aware Cloud Service Composition
Bharath Bhushan Savarala, Pradeep Reddy Chella

Ensuring Security for Data Storage in Cloud Computing using HECC- ElGamal Cryptosystem and GSO Optimization
Devi Thiyagarajan, Ganesan Ramachandrarao

Optimized Scheduling and Resource Allocation Using Evolutionary Algorithms in Cloud Environment
Anusha Bamini Antony Muthu, Sharmini Enoch

Haze Removal of a Single Image by Using the Brightness Prior
Monika Verma, Vandana Dixit Kaushik, Vinay Pathak

An Efficient Hierarchical 3D Mesh Segmentation Using Negative Curvature and Dihedral Angle
Khadija Arhid, Fatima Rafii Zakani, Mohcine Bouksim, Mohamed Aboulfatah, Taoufiq Gadi

A Keyword Extraction Approach for Single Document Extractive Summarization Based on Topic Centrality
Veera Venkata Murali Krishna Ravinuthala, Satyananda Reddy Chinnam

A Hybrid Approach of Memetic and Bees Life Algorithm for Multiobjective Workflow Scheduling in Cloud
Padmaveni Krishnan, John Aravindhar

Modified Multivariate Euclidean Dynamic Time Warping Based Spoken Keyword Detection
John Sahaya Rani Alex, Nithya Venkatesan

TCP LR-Newreno Congestion Control for IEEE 802.15.4-based Network
Andri Sembiring, Maman Abdurohman, Fazmah Arif Yulianto

A New Method to Select the Interesting Association Rules with Multiple Criteria
Azzeddine Dahbi, Siham Jabri, Youssef Balouki, Taoufiq Gadi

Fog Removal by Multiple Polynomial Regression Model through Curvelets
Monika Verma, Vandana Dixit Kaushik, Vinay Pathak

The Operational, Economic and Environmental Benefits of Returnable Packaging under Various Reverse Logistics Arrangements
Nophanut Katephap, Sunpasit Limnararat

Comparative Study of the Three Models (ANN-PMC), (DWT-ANN-PMC) and (MLR) for Prediction of the Groundwater Level of the Surface Water Table in the Saïss Plain (North of Morocco)
Abdelhamid El Ibrahimi, Abdennasser Baali, Amine Couscous, Touria El kamel, Nadia Hamdani

Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using PEVD Based Adaptive Kalman Filter
Mohanaprasad Kothandaraman, Jeet Kiran Pawani, Arulmozhivarman Pachaiyappan, Sankar Ganesh Sankaran

Cloud Data Integrity Auditing Over Dynamic Data for Multiple Users
Santhosh Kumar, Latha Parthiban

Application of Fixed Point Turbo Decoding Algorithm for Throughput Enhancement of SISO Parallel Advanced LTE Turbo Decoders
Parvathy Madhukumar, Ganesan Ramu, Balaji Veerasamy, Felix Joseph

Chattering Elimination in Fuzzy Sliding Mode Control of Fractional Chaotic Systems Using a Fractional Adaptive Proportional Integral Controller
Khatir Khettab, Yassine Bensafia, Samir Ladaci

Ant Colony Optimization Based Handoff Scheme and Verifiable Secret Sharing Security with M-M Scheme for VoIP
Shankar Ramasamy, Karthikeyan Eswaramoorthy

Composite Metric Based Energy Efficient Routing Protocol for Internet of Things
Sankar Sennan, Srinivasan Palanisamy

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