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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

(indexed by SCOPUS)

eJournal's ISSN: 2185-3118;   Journal's ISSN: 2185-310X
published by Fukuoka of Japan

Volume 4 Issue 2 JUN 2011

(30 June, 2011)

Contents & Papers

A Satellite Networks Fault Management Method based on Cooperation
Wenbo Zhang , Xiaobo Tan
An Methodology for Dimension Parameter transfer to Support Variant Product
Weiping Shao , Yongping Hao, Pengfei Zeng, Chunyan Wang
A New Knowledge Modeling Method for Product Design
Lingling Li, Zhigang Li, Fenfen Zhu, Liguo Ma
Intelligent Calibration Method of low cost MEMS Inertial Measurement Unit for an FPGA-based Navigation System
Lei Wang, Fei Wang
Camera Pose Measurement from 2D-3D Correspondences of Three Z Shaped Lines
Chang Liu, Feng Zhu, Jinjun Ou, Youg Yu, Renbo Xia
Fault Diagnosis Based on Fuzzy C-means Algorithm of the Optimal Number of Clusters and Probabilistic Neural Network
Qing Yang, Jinggran Guo, Dongxu Zhang, Chang Liu, Renbo Xia
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