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International Journal of Intelligent Engineering and Systems

(indexed by SCOPUS)

eJournal's ISSN: 2185-3118;   Journal's ISSN: 2185-310X
published by Fukuoka of Japan

Volume 1 Issue 4 DEC 2008

(31 December, 2008)

Contents & Papers

Group Key Distribution with Self-healing Property for Unreliable and Communication constrained Networks
Ting Yuan, Jianqing Ma, Yiping Zhong, Shiyong Zhang
A Lightweight, Fast and Efficient Distributed Hierarchical Graph Neuron-based Pattern Classifier
R A. Raja Mahmood , A H. Muhamad Amin , and A. I. Khan
Signal-based Approach to Anomaly Detection in IDS Systems
Łukasz Saganowski , Michał Chora's , Rafał Renk , Witold Hołubowicz
PVHL-based Local 3D Map Building
Huahua Chen, Xueyi Ye
Modeling and Control of a Bionic Bladder System Designed for Bionic Underwater Robots
Longxin Lin, Haijun Xu, Haibin Xie, Lincheng Shen
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