November 1-3, 2010, Shenyang, China











Author(s): ZHANG Wenbo, DONG Qian
Title: A Satellite Network Fault Detection Method

Author(s): Shao Weiping, Hao Yongping, Zeng Pengfei, Wang Chunyan
Title: Research on Dimension Parameter and Constraint Relations of Variant Product Based on Assembly Connection

Author(s): Wang Lei, Yongping Hao, Zesong Wei, Fei Wang
Title: Thermal calibration of MEMS Inertial sensors for an FPGA-based Navigation System

Author(s): Liu chang, Feng zhu, Jinjun Ou, Yong yu
Title: Z-Shaped Perspective Three Lines Problem's Unique Solution Conditions

Author(s): Dong huiying, Sheng-fu Chen, Jia-yu Zhu
Title: Research of Moving Targets Tracking Algorithm Based on Kalman Filtering

Author(s): Jiang Yueqiu, Lei Jin, Hongwei Gao
Title: An Effective Method for Calculating the Area of Enclosed Region

Author(s): Ying Liang, Yuanxin Feng
Title: An Energy-efficient Routing Protocol Based Dynamic Cooperative MIMO for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): FENG Yongxin, ZHANG Wenbo
Title: A Clustering Algorithm Based on MEXCLP for Wireless Sensor Network

Author(s): Masaya Kumagai, Yasuo Musashi, Dennis Arturo Ludeña Romaña, Kazuya Takemori,
                  Shinichiro Kubota, Kenichi Sugitani

Title: SSH Dictionary Attack and DNS Reverse Resolution Traffic in Campus Network

Author(s): LIU Yanju, Li Ze-dong, Hong-wei Gao
Title: Study of fundamental matrix high-precision estimation based on Particle Swarm Optimization

Author(s): Qiu Yi min, Hongbing Zhu, Jianxun Chen, Jinguang Gu
Title: A Research of MPLS-based Network Fault Recovery

Author(s): Gao hongwei, LI Bin, YU Yang, CHEN Liang
Title: Rock Segmentation、Matching and 3D Reconstruction Based on Stereo Vision

Author(s): Yang Yu, Chao Han
Title: Fault diagnosis of Metro shield machine based on Rough Set & Neural Network