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The full name of the INASS is the Intelligent Networks and Systems Society. The INASS, a non-profit organization, is the professional association for the advancement of intelligent technology. The INASS devotes to promote the engineering process of creating, developing, integrating, sharing, and applying knowledge about intelligent science and information technologies for the benefit of humanity and the profession.

The Third International Conference on Intelligent Networks and Intelligent Systems (ICINIS 2010) will be held in Shenyang , China . Shenyang is the biggest city of North-East China, a modern metropolitan with over 2300-year history and rich cultural heritage, featuring relaxing lifestyle, and numerous historic and scenery sites. ICINIS 2010 aims to provide a high-level international forum for scientists, engineers, and educators to present the state of the art of intelligent networks and systems research and applications in diverse fields. The conference will feature plenary speeches given by renowned scholars and regular sessions with broad coverage.

Shenyang Ligong University is located in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, which occupied an area of 1220,000 square meters and an architectural area of 430,000 square meters, is situated on the south bank of the Hun He River and close to the Olympic Sport Center. The university has developed from single war industry academy to multiple subjects university possessing national defence characteristic over past 50 years. The university consists of 16 institutes and departments. There are 2093 teachers and researchers, 384 professors and associate professors. There are 737 graduate students, more than 30000 undergraduate students. Shenyang Ligong University has 41 majors, it has the right to confer Master Degrees in 33 subjects.

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