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About Tianjin

Tianjin , also known as the diamond of the Bohai Gulf and the gateway to the capital of the People's Republic of China , is one of the 4 municipalities directly under the Central Government of the People's Republic of China. And it is the third largest city in China only after Beijing and Shanghai.

The name of Tianjin was called at the beginning of the Yongle Years of the Ming Dynasty at first, which meant that the area passed through by the Son of Heaven-the emperor. At the second year of Yongle Years of the Ming Dynasty (1404), as a strategic point, Tianjin began to build city wall and defenses and called "Tianjinwei".

Huangyaguan Great Wall

Great WallLocated in the mountainous area of Tianjin's northern Ji County, the Huangyaguan Great Wall was first built during the Northern Qi Dynasty (550 - 557) and repaired in large scale with bricks during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). The entire section is built on an abrupt mountain ridge. Being endowed with both natural beauty and cultural interest, it has become famous as a natural beauty spot and a summer resort. The major scenic area is composed of Huangyaguan Pass and Taiping Mountain Stronghold.


Drum-towerDrum tower is situated in the center of ancient town, covering 190,000 square meters with a total construction area of 300,000 square meters. It is characterized by its Ming and Qing Dynasty style, with carved beams, colored paints and black bricks and tiles connected seamlessly. The decorated archways and opera towers are elegantly designed with an ancient style.

Tianhou Temple

TianhouThe Tianhou Palace, a famous Taoist temple in Tianjin City, was built to fete Goddess Tianhou (the queen of heaven). It is situated at the middle section of the Ancient Culture Street, Nankai District. The original names of the Tianhou Palace include the Tianfei Palace, the Xiaozhigu Tianfei Palace, the Western Temple and the Niangniang Palace.






Tianjin offer variety of exotic food:such as Ear-Hole fried rice cake,Go Believe,Guifaxiang Fried Dough Twists,and so on.