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Information for Session Chairs and presenters

Session Chairs
If you cannot fulfill your duties as session chair, please ensure that someone else will take your place as session chair.
1. Note the time allocated for each paper in your session .The time allocated to each paper is 15 minutes.
2. Arrive at the room of the session five minutes before the session starts and identify each of the speakers for the session.
3. Do not allow presentations or the subsequent discussions to spill beyond the starting time of the next presentation.
4. If the presenter of a paper is absent (“no-show”), please continue to the next presentation. Please check again at the end of the last presentation whether the “no-show” shows up. Best efforts have been made to reduce the number of no-shows; however, they may not be eliminated.
5. Each presentation room is equipped with an LCD projector. If something is not working properly, please contact a student helper.

Please check the authors in this Program Book for your presentation time(s) and room(s). Please go to the room five minutes before the session starts and identify yourself to the Session Chair.
1. Note the time allocated for each paper in your session. The time allocated to each paper is 15 minutes.
2. When it is your turn to present, speak only for 15 minutes and leave 3minutes for discussions (questions and answers), and 2 minutes for transition to the next presentation. If your presentation extends into the time for discussions, discussions on your paper will be shorted by the Session Chair accordingly or postponed until after the session.
3. please do not exceed your allotted time. Please follow the instructions of the Session Chair.
If the Session Chair is absent from the session, the last speaker should serve as the Session Chair.


SUNDAY, November 1st, 2009



Opening ceremony (hosted by Ming Yu)
Welcome keynote: Conference General  Chair Hongbing Zhu
Welcom keynote: Conference General Co-Chair Hexu SUN




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Plenary talk
Keynote address 1: By Prof. Felix Wu
Keynote address 2: By Prof. Danwei Wang
Keynote address 3: By Prof. Wei Lin








Lunch (Address:Dining Room, 1st floor, Friendship Hotel)
Session 1_1: Intelligent Control Chairman  Professor  Wei Lin,
Address: Room 1, 1st floor, Friendship Hotel
A pipeline security monitoring system designed Based on the ADSP-BF533
Li Guo-hong, jiaozhi, Shi jun
Soft control for swarm systems based on attraction and repulsion functions   
Xue-zhi Mao, Yong Xu, Ying Wang
Development of Digital Television Network Tester Based on Dual CPU Architecture
Wang Junhua,Geng Hengshan
Research on Node Sleep/Wake-up Mechanism in WSN Based on Fuzzy Energy Control
Hongsheng Li, Sumin Liu, Bing Hu
Intrusion Detection Technology Based on SVDD     
Liu Jiaomin, Wang Zhenzhou, Fang Xinchun, Wang Jing
Robust Stability Criteria for Uncertain Singular Systems with Multiple-state Delays   
Ming-liang Li, Ya-li Dong, Jin-ying Liu
A Hierarchy Controllable RBAC-Based User Access Control Model
Weiliang Tan, Peizhen Lin, Bo Liang, Hui Deng










Design of Automobile Wheelchair Base on Fix Speed Track with Load Torque Observer
Chin-Chih Ou,Tien-Chi Chen,Chun-Jung Chen

Real-time Speed Variation Detection of Moving Human Using Polar Projection Feature
JiaHui Sun, Xuan Yang

Natural Ventilation Control System by Fuzzy Control Technology
Chen Yi-fei, Wang Ku, Dai Wenguang

Direct Adaptive Fuzzy Control for a Class of Continuous-Time Nonlinear Systems with Time-Varying Dead-Zone
Guo Wencheng, Shi Wuxi, Guo Lijin

Fast Algorithm and Hardware Architecture for Modular Inversion in GF(p)
Chuanpeng Chen, Zhongping Qin

Session 1_2: Intelligent Control Chairman  Professor  Jinguang Gu,
Address: Room 2, 1st floor, Friendship Hotel

Design of  Intelligent Thyristor Converter Based on dsPIC       
Li zhi-jun, Li lian-hui, Wang Jun-wei,Yang Xu-dong,Han Xue-jing

Study on Simulation of Cold- Rolling Fuzzy PID Control Technology
Du Taihang, Miao Qing, Wang Jinwei, Chen Yongsheng

The Nonlinear Modeling of SRM With Improved RBF Network
Hexu Sun, Yanqing Mi, Yan Dong, Yi Zheng, Yanzong Dong

Practical PID Controller Implementation and the Theory behind  
Xuemei Zhu

The Simulation of ICCP Algorighm in the Gravity Aided Navigation
Cheng Yi, Xiu chun Buo, Luo Jing

The Implementation of FEM and RBF Neural Network in EIT
Peng Wang, Li-li Xie, Hong-li Li, Yi-cai Sun

A Hybrid Tracking Method Based on Active Contour and Mean Shift Algorithm
Zhu Linlin, Fan Baojie, Li Benjin, Tang Yandong










Fuzzy PID controller for wind turbines
Xiao Cheng, Zhang Lei, Yan Junqiu

Study of Intelligent Public Transport Monitoring System Based on WebGIS
Xinkai Yu,Jie Song,Fengtao Yang,YongFeng Dong,Zhenchao Dong

Study of speed governing control system for switched reluctance motor Based on Iterative Learning Control
Yan Dong, Jie Hao, Yi Zheng

Nonlinear Multi-step Predictive Control Based on Leaast Squares Surpport Vector Machine
Zhang Yan, Huang Lei, Wang Gui-ling ,Yang Peng

HO-CAD: A CAD System for Heterogeneous Objects Modeling Based on ACIS and HOOPS
Anping Xu, Ting Zang, Zhenpeng Ji, Yunxia Qu

Session ICINIS 1_3: Intelligent Control & instruments of Electro-Technical Filed Chairman Professor  Danwei Wang
Address: Room 3, 4th floor, Friendship Hotel

The Performance Analysisi of a Simple Angle Track Method Suitable for Wideband Signal System     
Zhijun Chen, Suli Guo

A Nonlinear PID Controller based on an Adaptive Genetic Algorithm
Zhou Ying, Zhang Lei, Wang Gui-li, Yang Qian

Research of System Stability with Network Existing in Feedback and Foreward Channel
Tao Liang, QingLi, Hexu Sun, Zhaoming Lei

Design and Implementation of Intelligent Serial Temperature Control System for Sintering Shaft Furnace     
Lou Guohuan, Wang Jianmin

The Research of Fuzzy Forecasting Spontaneous Combustion of Coal Based on Tube of Flux
Bian Bing, Lou Guohuan










Study of Fault Diagnosis Model of oil-immersed Transformer based on SVM Binary Tree with Combinatorial FKCM     
Liu Donghui, Sun Xiaoyun, Bian Jianpeng, Fu Ping

Flaw Identification Based on Layered Multi-subnet Neural Networks
Liu Jianye, Liang Yongchun, Bian Jianpeng, Sun Xiaoyun,Li Aihua

Research and Application of All Digital Phase-Locked Loop
Qiang Zhang, Kai Huang, Zuojun Liu, Zhigang Li

The Research of a New Soft-sensing Method of Gauge     
Yonglei Zhao, Dezhong Zheng

Harmony Optimization of Physical Design and Control Strategy Of Switched Reluctance Motor
Jie Li, Boya Sun, Shurui Fan, Lin He

Session 1_4: Computer Networks and Security Chairman Professor    Felix WU,
Address: Room 4, 5th floor, Friendship Hotel

The Characteristics Analysis about Transmission Time Delay of Industrial Ethernet
Junfeng Liu, Limin Sun, Xi Chen

Simulation Research on DoS Attacks and Defenses Mechanisms
Guang Jin, Honghao Zhang, Huizhan Zhang, Zhijun Xie

Automatic Meter Reading System Based on Wireless Mesh Networks and SOPC Technology
Liting Cao,Wei Jiang, Zhaoli Zhang

Load Balancing on the Biswapped Network     
Yulian Yu, Wenhong Wei

DMDG : A Distributed Data-Aggregation and Routing Protocol for Fleet Wireless Sensor Networks    
Chao Gao, Guorong Zhao,Shuang Pan, Feixiang Zhu

Localizaton Algorithm of Mobile Node in WSN Based on Monte Carlo
Bing Hu, Hongsheng Li, Sumin Liu

Epidemic Models Applied to Worms on Internet       
Fangwei Wang, Jie Song, Yongfeng Dong, Junhua Gu










On the performance of passive worms over unstructured P2P networks
Fangwei Wang, Yongfeng Dong, Jie Song,Junhua Gu

Network-Assistant Localization and In-flight Alignment for Carrier-based Aircraft : a Wireless Sensor Network Approach
Chao Gao, Guorong Zhao, Tao Liu, Bo Bi

Compensation for the Networked Control Systems with a Multi-step State Estimate Strategy
Tao Liang, Beibei Zhang, Hexu Sun, Zhaoming Lei

Research & Implementation of Daemon Process Communication Based on Proc VFS
Tao Lin, JieHua Liu, YaoHan Ran,YanLiu Liu

Load Balancing Algorithm Based on Dual-Load Prediction
Wang Qiong, He Xinhua, Zhao Yingkun

Session 1_5: Computer Networks and Security    Chairman Professor Deshi Li,
Address: Room 5, 6th floor, Friendship Hotel

Research on Evaluation Model for Desulphurizer Performance Based on Fuzzy Probabilistic Neural Network 
Jinhui Zhang, Chengfang Tian, Wei Fang, Nannan Zhang

A New Framework for Accessing Trusted Network
Jian Wang, Yanheng Liu, Xiangpeng Jia, Xiaomin Liu

A Self-Organized Network Model with Local World and Its Robustness
BingLin Dou, ShiYong Zhang

Hybrid Routing Protocol Based on the k-hop Clustering Structure for MANETs
Tsung-Chuan Huang, Kuan-Ping Kho,Lung Tang

Research of Scheduling and Control Co-Design of Networked Control Systems
Tao Lin, Yao-Han Ran, Jie-Hua Liu

An Energy Efficient Regional Partitioned Clustering Routing Algorithm for Wireless Sensor Networks        
Cuiqin Duan, Jingjing Sun, Duan Zhou, Jianxian Zhang






Novel QoS Routing Algorithm Based on Cultural-Simulated Annealing Algorithm
Xue-Mei Sun, Xiao-Yu Lv,Xin-Ming Duan

A New Low Cost One Time ID and Password Authentication Protocol Using Popular Removable Storage Devices
TongLiang Li, ZhiGang Jin

An Encryption Method Based on Dual-Chaos System
Xibo Wang, Li Ma, Xiaozhou Du

Research on Mixed Traffic Scheduling of Networked Control Systems Based on CAN Bus
Shurui Fan, Jing Du, Hexu Sun, Tao Liang

The Implementation of Wireless Sensor Network Visualization Platform Based on Wetland Monitoring
Yuxi Hu, Deshi Li, Xueqin He, Tao Sun, Yanyan Han

A MAC Protocol for Congested Cognitive Radio Network
Yue Song-song, Wu Wei

Trial on Minimization of the Number of Rules  in Fuzzy Control of a Handstand Pendulum Controlled  by the Arm with the Personal Computer Tsunehiro  Munakata


Banquet(Address:Conrefence Hall,1st floor, Friendship Hotel)